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Kustom Kar Kommandos

Kustom Kur Kommandos is DJ unit by 脳BRAIN and AKIRAM EN.

!!!!!!!!!!!Play loud!!!!!!!!!

This mix has been recorded in forestlimit in September 2016.
The release date is October 20, 2016.

Nunber: GFM004

Engineer is Napalm Kataoka



“CARRE” live recording at forestlimit

CARRE is a Japanese industrial band.
This TRACK has been recorded live at forestlimit in August of 2016 .

It will be soon physical release . C-60 K7 format.Currently in production

Play loud !!!!!!!!

Contact: Offical HP

Release date is September 15 , 2016.

Label number GFM003

Yachi Hideki DJ mix

Live rec at forestlimit “K/A/T/O MASSACRE”

Release date is September 6 , 2016

Contact: Offical HP

Label number GFM002

You me DJ MIX

You me is House DJ.

She is involved in many underground party scene as a DJ, also as organizer .


The release date is September 1 , 2016 .

REC & MASTERING by Napalm Kataoka(
Label number GFM001