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YAO Chung-Han(Taipei)

YAO Chung-Han


Daytime job is the mixture of education, creation, and design;
at  night, body swings between noises and beat.

YAO Chung-Han obtained his MFA in New Media Art in NTUA.
He triggers viewers’ imagination toward their body motion with the arrangement of fluorescent light and the accompanying sounds in his works. Yao was awarded the first prize of Digital Art Festival Taipei.
As a pioneer of light and sounding art in Taiwan, he has often unveiled his works in international shows and has been invited to renowned art events around the globe such as Fukuoka Asian Art Triennale, NTT ICC-Emergencies!014 and Steim-Massive Light Boner, the Netherlands. Yao is a professional artist and currently lectures in NTUA and SCU as adjunct instructor.

audiovisual solo like this

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