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////Albino Botanic vs. AT METAL

at ForestLimit//////


一年に一度 気まぐれに行われている、私たちgroup AとAlbino Sound, Kohhei Matsuda (BO NINGEN) による実験の日。
今回はオープニングにゲストライブとして東京を拠点に活動するフランス人デュオ Lo-shi+ダンサー Misako Kikuchiによるパフォーマンス.

そしてTAKA(BABYLON/SODOM)によるearly industrial/angst pop DJセット,

An annual summer night of aural experimentation and improvisation. Once a year. Happening. A regular experimental night between members of group A, Albino Sound and Kohhei Matsuda from BO NINGEN.
Opening of the night will be a Tokyo-based-French duo Lo-shi with a dancer Misako Kikuchi.
Supreme DJs, Taka will spin an early industrial/angst pop, and Kurae-Unagi will smash your ears with his DIY DJ gear.

8/22(Sat) at Forest Limit
open/start 17:30
door ¥1,500

◆Albino Botanic (Albino Sound+Sayaka Botanic/group A)
◆AT METAL (Kohhei Matsuda/BO NINGEN + Tommi Tokyo/group A)
◆Lo-shi & Misako Kikuchi


Albino Sound
Kohhei Matsuda
Misako Kikuchi
group A


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